Let there be light..

Animated Shorts:

A Trip to Granny's

"A Trip to Granny's" was the first animated short I ever completed. It took me and my roommate, friend, and long time conspirator Aaron Conover, 4-5 months to complete. These were months of 19 hour days! I couldn't believe how hard we worked on this short, but we did it. It is over 6 minutes long, and has over 65 shots. I am very proud of our fledgling effort, and I feel like we more than accomplished the things we set out to do, mainly: tell an interesting story!

Tests and Sketches:

Facial Animation Set Up Video [200KB]

This is a short video that shows some of the facial rigging techniques I have been working on. I have mainly trying to get many expressions and muscles to work together, and make it easy for the animators to find and key what they're looking for. It's a short video, but you get the idea.