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The Presence of -Lactamase Producing Organisms in the Throats of Normal People and Patients with Symptoms of Streptococcal Pharyngitis

I worked on this research paper for two years in the Microbiology Lab at Bayfront Medical Center. It is a study of -lactamase producing organisms and how they influence the effectiveness of -lactam antibiotics. I found that a large percentage of the population were carriers of staphylococcus aureus (nasal usually) and this did in fact inhibit -lactam antibiotics such as Penicilin. Bayfront Medical Center is carrying on my research, and after 4 years I am happy to say, with their much larger data set, their findings match my original work. They have also started culturing for staph when patients have symptoms of strep throat, and staph carriers are prescribed Erythromycin.

Kinesiology, Muscles, and Locomotion:

X-Ray Fluoroscopy: The Shoulder Carriage in Motion

I have been studying the shoulder carriage, and it's structure and function for a while now. In my opinion, the shoulder carriage, especially the scapula, is one of the most elusive and difficult areas to rig in a realistic character. When working with a musculo-skeletal rig it is very difficult to know where the scapula is throughout the motion of the arm. I hope these Fluoroscopic X-Rays are helpful reference for any TDs rigging the shoulder carriage. I will also be posting MRI data of the shoulder carriage in motion soon, but it will be a sequence and not a video. I'm not glowing, but I did get a lot of rads.

Front01 [320 DivX 4.5MB] [ 480 QT 13MB]
Front02 [320 DivX 6MB] [ 480 QT 18MB]
3 Quarter01 [320 DivX 4MB] [ 480 QT 12.7MB]
3 Quarter02 [320 DivX 2.4MB] [ 480 QT 7MB]
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Video: The Shoulder Carriage in Motion

Here is some video I shot for reference a while back, these are two people I have been working with since we started on the Human Muscular Project. You can see the entire range of motion and the underlying musculature, even through hyper-extension. Videos like this are great to study. The pectoralis and rhomboids are very difficult to rig, I still have never gotten them right in a final skin simulation, not for the entire range of all possible motions.

Male Shoulder Deformation [480 DivX 3.1MB] [ 480 QT 15.2MB]
Female Shoulder Deformation [480 DivX 2.6MB] [ 480 QT 9.2MB]
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