Christopher Evans  •



I am always interested in rigging/deformation, though I wear many hats, and feel I am also a generalist. Not currently looking for a job. Located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.




Technical Art Lead – Crytek

n  Oversee/manage technical art/pipeline issues for three Crytek studios (Frankfurt, Budapest, Kiev)

n  Artist in R&D, working to develop and test new proprietary technologies and tools.

n  Bridge the ‘gap’ between programming and art departments.

n  Area of focus: problem solving, scripted tools, animation, deformation, effects, eye candy


Senior Technical Artist / R&D Artist – Crytek

n  Responsible for getting characters into the engine, which included rigging, setup, and troubleshooting of all characters.

n  Created and maintained ‘cryTools’ suite of artist/animator tools.

n  Worked as the only artist in R&D, to develop and test new proprietary technologies and tools.

n  Bridged the ‘gap’ between programming and art departments.


Sculptor/TD – Kinaesthetic: Articulated Muscle Systems

n  Sculpted and rigged custom musculo-skeletal systems, external anatomy.

CG Supervisor/Artist – The Human Muscular Project

n  In charge of modeling/rigging/animation of the ‘Human Muscular Project’ for Ambiance inc.

1998-2007 ACM SIGGRAPH

 Subcommittee Member

n  For 10 consecutive years I have headed and or worked with different teams of volunteers, in charge of three different Siggraph venues.



1998-2002  Savannah College of Art and Design

n  BFA in Computer Art, Life Drawing minor (With Honors)

n  3.7 Grade Point Average (4.0 in major of study)

n  Alias Wavefront Certified in Maya Character Animation

n  Alias Wavefront Certified in Maya Mel Scripting




2004-2008 – Crytek (Crysis)

n   Crysis has won virtually every realtime graphics award in the past two years, at GDC, E3, GC, etc. We were also given an award for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Engineering from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.

1999-2003 - University

n   My animation “A Trip to Granny’s” chosen to appear on “Best North American Animated Shorts 2003” alongside PDI, Blur Studios, and others.

n  “A Trip to Granny’s” short film wins Best Lightwave Animated Short, and Best of Show at International Wavy Awards.

n  Won an AXIEM (Absolute Excellence in Electronic Media) Award for my work and animation on an interactive CD at Active Frame Productions INC.

n  “Scientific Crucifix” displayed in SIGGRAPH ‘99 Art Gallery

n  Interview in 3D Design Magazine (Feb 99 ), as well as pictorials including six pictures of characters and scene set ups.

n  Grand Prize & $10,000, Universal Studios/Panasonic Video/Film Competition

n  Best of Show, International Dali Museum Student Surrealist Exhibit

SPeaking engagements



  • Technical Art Techniques: State of the Industry – Panel, 2hr, GDC 2008
  • Crysis: Behind the Scenes (Art) – Pixel Workshop 2007
  • Artist-Driven Pipelines – 2hr, FMX 2007
  • Evolve: Character Pipeline Advances for Next-Gen Titles – 2hr, GDC 2007
  • Musculo-Skeletal Rigging in Maya – 1hr, SIGGRAPH 2005



DCC: 3dsMax, Photoshop, Maya

Specialty: Modo, Vicon, MotionBuilder (limited)

Script:  Maxscript, MEL, Python

Technologies: Tools Development, Runtime Graphics, Facial Motion-Capture, Game Engines and Pipelines

Strengths: Runtime Characters, Problem Solving, Fire-Fighting, Persistence



Please contact me for a more extensive resume with scientific and technical experience, or another reel with more diverse or commercial projects.